Throwback Thursday: Little Horses

When I was in high school, especially the first two years, I was really into horses. Like really into them.

I discovered a now-defunct website called MyAdopts, where you can make a little website similar to Neopets and the like. I decided to unload my love of horses on my little website, which was called “Mystery Stables.”

I even made a snazzy banner for it.

I even made a snazzy banner for it.

Because plagiarism is naughty, I went ahead and made all the animal art myself. The result is these:

 Roan_MustangChestnut_Quarter_HorseShire_Baybay mustangMogan_Chestnut_A

And these:


And these:


And that’s just scratching the surface.

These are in a certain digital art style called “sprites.” They are usually centered around the use of a limited color pallette, small size, and a painstaking dot-by-dot drawing process.

They took many hours altogether to draw. And when the whole time commitment of running the website, dealing with sometimes demanding users, and trying to release a new horse breed every few weeks was thrown in, I had to stop after less than one year.

I look back fondly on those horses. A neat little corner of my late childhood to reminisce upon.

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