Mongol Horse Progress #1

So you know how I said that one time,”I used a painting technique I developed on my own. Maybe I’ll detail it later whenever I get around to painting another model. I added another darn sculpture to my little collection, so…”

Yeah, well that time has come. I introduce to you, the horse foal model:



Any time I go to paint anything in acrylic now, I give it a good coating of gesso. That’s fancy art-speak for paint primer.

I then figure out what the colors will look like. Because I thought it looked like a Mongolian horse breed, I went on Google and found a Mongol horse:

Now, this will be my reference for the model’s color and coat pattern. At this point, I arbitrarily choose some primary colors I think look most similar to the colors on the reference. My only choices are bright red, yellow, and blue.

The result looks like it was painted by a three-year-old:

horse_02And so begins what I call the “ugly duckling phase.” It will be quite some time before it will look like something done by a skilled adult.

Why do I do this? I found at some point that whatever is underneath the top coats of paint tends to show through in places if I paint too thinly or hastily. If I do this on purpose using a thick, full coat of the right color underneath, it gives the model a bit of a luminescent quality.

So after mixing the colors I plan to use on the model’s top layers of paint, I begin slathering the whole thing with a paper towel the “base” colors. I do it sloppily on purpose so the primary colors show through easily:

Or maybe I'm just a three-year-old deep inside. Who knows.

Or maybe I’m just a three-year-old deep inside. Who knows.

And here I will stop because I haven’t done anything else to it, yet. I reduced my projects down to two. Now they are up to three. Maybe I’ll start five more by the time I post the next update.

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