Throwback Thursday: Dragon Dog Herd

So when I was 11 or 12 years old, I was obsessed with a certain mythical creature

It wasn’t anything you would find or know about, because I made it up myself.


It’s called a Nuvarog, plebs.

It was apparently a wolf’s body with a snake’s face, a lion’s jaws, a cat’s ears, an eagle’s wings, and a dinosaur’s tail. I was a kid, ok?

Well, I was so obsessed, I spent hours making these little sculptures, from sculpey no less.



Sculpey, if you don’t know, never dries. That’s great in most situations, but when making things 0.75 inches tall, balancing on spindly little dog legs, things can get ugly.

I don’t remember how many I threw away, but it was a lot. These were the survivors. I know the black one almost didn’t make it until I got the idea to sit it down to save it from a violent death.


These were miniatures I took pride in. They taught me a steady hand. They taught me how to engineer something to stand on tiny little legs. They are Nuvarogs. (And a wolf.)


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