A Bulldog Not in a China Shop

One morning, I was perusing the local Goodwill and found three unpainted ceramic sculptures. They went home with me without a single hesitation.

And they took up more space in my already overcrowded desk.

I painted one:



I had a lot of fun painting this little fella. I used a painting technique I developed on my own. Maybe I’ll detail it later whenever I get around to painting another model. I added another darn sculpture to my little collection, so…

Anyway, my personable little friend has trompe l’oiel studs on his collar. That means they look 3-D, but are just painted on.

Ooh, I just used a fancy art word! I'm so sophisticated.

Ooh, I just used a fancy art word! I’m so sophisticated.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with his appearance. Especially the curly tail:



And did I mention it’s for sale? You can find my bulldog here in my etsy shop.

Buy it. The chihuahua demands you to do it. Now.

The chihuahua knows you to want to buy it.


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