Russian Don Horse #1: Barbie Scale

Barbie would think the horse is too fluffy (i.e. FAT) to ride, but don’t tell him that. Growing up as a girl more interested in tigers, cars, and going as fast as I could on the swings greatly dampened my potential for a love of Barbie dolls. So of course, she is nowhere to be found near the horse.


He is sewn from suiting material and accented with vinyl and white felt. Oh, and he’s wearing makeup. How else do you get a little rosy nose like that?

big03  big04

This horse may be a vegetarian, but he’s not vegan. That’s real llama fur, folks. Courtesy of Etsy.


I tried to be clever and hot-glued the bottoms of his hooves on. Not a good idea. They look ragged. I think I’ll settle for craft felt or quilting material sewn on next time around the block.

So, why did I randomly make a Barbie-scale horse doll? For a final in my sculpture class, that’s why. And he has two buddies with him to boot:


But I’ll keep you in suspense, dear hypothetical reader staring at me in excitement. I’ll post about his other two friends later…eventually.


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